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DAILY UPDATE: 10 more COVID19 cases in Berrien County, No deaths

Benton Harbor, MI (Info269). 10 more confirmed cases were added today bringing the total to 242. Recoveries are now at 171, according to the Berrien County Health Department figured released today.See our website for charts:

BREAKING: U.S. Coronavirus case count exceeds 1 million.

Washington DC (Info269) - U.S. national media outlets are reporting the U.S. Coronavirus confirmed case count has exceeded 1 million. The highest numbers of confirmed cases are New York at 292K, New Jersey at 111K, Massachusetts at 56k, Illinois at 45k, California at 43k, Pennsylvania at 42k, Michigan at 38k, Florida at 32k, and Louisiana at 27k.58,033 COVID19 related deaths have been reported in the U.S. (Statistics as of: April 28)

DAILY UPDATE: Berrien County adds 15 new confirmed COVID19 cases, 1 more death reported.

Benton Harbor, MI (Info269) - The Berrien County Health Department added 15 new confirmed COVID19 cases to the total today, April 28. Total confirmed cases is now at 232. One new death was reported a "female over the age of 90 who had underlying medical conditions", the death toll is now at 15.Updated graphs are available on our website at

BREAKING: Simon Properties Plans to Reopen University Park Mall on Saturday according to Leaked Memo.

Mishawaka, IN (Info269) - CNBC is reporting that Simon Properties plans to open 49 malls across the USA this weekend. University Park Mall in Mishawaka is one of the malls scheduled to re-open.The information was apparently obtained from a leaked memo obtained by CNBC, and has been reported by South Bend news media outlets. Mishawaka is located in Saint Joseph County Indiana, less than a mile from Berrien County. Saint Joesph County is reporting 602 COVID19 cases as of the ...

DAILY UPDATE: Berrien COVID19 Positive case count continues downward trend, 2 new cases reported, no deaths.

Benton Harbor, MI (Info269) - Presumed positive cases decreased to 165, from the 172 reported on Sunday. Two new confirmed cases were reported bringing the total number of cases to 217, according to the data released from the Berrien County Health Department in Monday.Daily updates can be found on our website:

Michigan mask order goes into effect at 11:59pm

Lansing, MI (Info269) - Starting April 26 at 11:59 p.m., anyone who can "medically tolerate a face covering" must cover their nose or mouth with a homemade mask, scarf, bandana or handkerchief when in an enclosed public space."We want you to have a cloth based covering, and it can be made through an old t-shirt," Whitmer said earlier this week. "It can be made with a handkerchief or a neckerchief. There are a lot of ways to do this. But ...

92% of inmates at nearby Westville Correctional Facility test positive for COVID19

Westville, IN (Info269) - Nearly 92% of inmates tested so far at Westville Correctional Facility (WCF) have tested positive for COVID19, according to information shared at a regional hospital planning committee meeting.At Westville Correctional Facility, 126 of 137 prisoners tested positive for COVID19, as discussed at a monthly meeting Wednesday of the District 1 Hospital Emergency Planning Committee, held over Zoom.The Indiana Department of Correction who operates the facility has previously denied the outbreak at WCF. Westville is 20 miles ...

DAILY UPDATE: 2 COVID related deaths in Berrien County, 2 more confirmed cases, active cases stall.

Benton Harbor, MI (Info269) - The Berrien County Health Department is reporting two more COVID19 related deaths today. The active case count has stalled and only 2 more COVID19 confirmed cases were reported bringing the total confirmed case count to 215.Statistics and charts can be found on our website

DAILY UPDATE: Berrien County positive case count show signs of peaking, 1 new death.

Benton Harbor, MI (Info269) - The Berrien County Health Department released new data on Saturday which indicates the number of presumed positive cases has peaked. There were 5 new confirmed cases, and 14 recoveries were reported.Unfortunately there is another death to report. A male over the age of 65 with underlying conditions.The total confirmed case count is now 213.Stay home when possible. Wear PPE when running essential errands. Graphs can be found at

DAILY UPDATE: 19 more confirmed COVID19 cases in Berrien County

Saint Joesph, MI (Info269) - The Berrien County Health Department is reporting 19 new confirmed cases of COVID-19 bringing the total of confirmed cases to 208. No new deaths are being reported. 10 more recoveries have been reported bringing to total recovery count to 123.Updated coronavirus stats can be found at