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Chokwe Pitchford leads Pauline Wendzel in a new poll by 1 point

Benton Harbor, MI (Blossomland News) - The Republican bastion in Michigan’s 79th State House district could be drawing its final breaths, as indicated by fundraising engagement as well as a one-point advantage in a poll released July 6, 2020 by Mark Grebner Practical Political Consulting, Inc., that favors Chokwe Pitchford over junior incumbent Pauline Wendzel.

This is exciting news. During the period 1992 to 2020, a republican stronghold in Michigan’s legislature, in part as a result of partisan gerrymandering in the way districts have historically been drawn, has made it difficult for Democratic candidates to make a significant showing in any polling data over the years.

Communications director for the Chokwe Pitchford campaign Kim Jorgensen Gane said, “Chokwe’s appeal is indicative of the times in which we’re living. Considering how difficult it’s been for so many years for democrats to make a dent on the west-side of this state, and in the 79th district and Berrien County especially, we feel he is exactly the right candidate for this moment in history.”

Pitchford says of the poll, “This region has been moving Democratic over the last decade and is now deeply purple and ready for the right candidate to flip it. This poll shows that the time has finally arrived. The fact that I’m leading Republican incumbent Pauline Wendzel 50-49 shows that my message of unity is resonating. Berrien County and the 79th district are ready for leadership that listens and responds to the needs of the community over party line politics.”

Deciphering the data:
● Based on Practical Political Consulting’s (PPC) robo-poll,
Pitchford is in a dead heat with Wendzel after polling numbers show Pitchford up by 1%. This is the first race in the 79th to ever have a Democrat polling above a Republican incumbent.
● The voter sample selected was originally 41% Democratic. However, the data received shows an increase to 43%. This is in line with the higher response rate that was seen by PPC. With 6000 people called and 390 answers, this shows that Pitchford’s race has a higher visibility rate.
● Pitchford also shows evidence of being able to cross party lines. PPC’s data shows that in the category of leaning Republican, Pitchford has had an increase of favorability of 10%. This is followed by Pitchford also showing impressive numbers from those that have dem scores from 25%-75%.

From July 8, 2020 Press Release from the Campaign of Chokwe Pitchford for 79th District.

Chokwe Pitchford leads Pauline Wendzel in a new poll by 1 point

Written by: Nate Smith-Manley
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