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Close-Knit Berrien County Masks Up With No Problem

Berrien County, MI (Blossomland News) - There were a series of incidents across the state over the past few days, including one death resulting from a dispute over a "mask up" request. There have been no such incidents reported in Berrien County. Berrien County is a close-knit community, our friends and neighbors are retail employees, police officers, and business owners. We've shown earlier this year after the tragic death of George Floyd that we are a community of both peace and progress.

I've spoken with several readers, and likewise my friends and family in Berrien County, and with a few exceptions everyone is masking up. Local media outlets confirm the same. There have been reports that tourists at local beaches are not social distancing or masking up. A reminder that sunshine and high temps will not stop the transmission of COVID-19. Mask up, be safe, support local businesses, and have fun.

Photo of Galien River County Park: Mark Smith-Manley

Close-Knit Berrien County Masks Up With No Problem

Written by: Nate Smith-Manley
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