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Governor Whitmer Issues Statement on Amy Coney Barrett

Lansing, MI (Blossomland News) - Governor issued this statement on Saturday regarding President Trump's proposed SCOTUS pick, "This nomination is a reminder of how important it is for Americans everywhere to make their voice heard at the ballot box this November. Health care for millions of Americans is on the line. Women's right to autonomy over our bodies is on the line. The president and Republicans across the country have proven time and again that they don’t share our values. They are working tirelessly to dismantle the Affordable Care Act in our courts in the midst of a global pandemic. They don’t believe women have the right to choose what happens to our own bodies. We must hold them accountable. Register to vote, request an absentee ballot, and return it quickly. Let us turn our grief into action, let us choose hope over fear, and let us find the strength to build a stronger America for everyone."

Source: Michigan Governor's Office Press Release
Governor Whitmer Issues Statement on Amy Coney Barrett

Written by: Nate Smith-Manley
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