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Berrien Absentee Voters to Receive Ballots This Week

Saint Joseph, MI (Blossomland News) - Some voters have reported receiving absentee ballots, and we have received word from a township clerk's office that local municipalities have received the ballots from the county and will be sending them out.

If you have not received your ballot by Friday please contact your local municipalities clerk's office. You may return your ballot by mail or by using your local municipalities drop box (recommended). You may locate your drop box at

You MUST return your absentee ballot to a drop box in the city/township in which you are registered to vote.Be sure to SIGN AND DATE the outside return envelope before returning your ballot.

If you do not receive your ballot you may also vote early in person at your local municipalities clerks office anytime before the election during office hours.

Make your plan to vote:

There is no deadline to register to vote in Michigan. You may register to vote at your city/township's clerks office during office hours. You may register to vote on Election Day (November 3rd).

An ID is not required to vote in Michigan. However, you must sign an affidavit if you do not have an ID.

You may vote in person on November 3rd as well. Wearing a mask is not required but, is encouraged. Election workers may request you socially distance if you are not wearing a mask. MDHHS's indoor mask usage order does not apply to polling places.

Trouble voting? Call the Nationwide Democratic Party Voter Protection Hotline: 1-833-336-8683

Photo: Google Earth

Berrien Absentee Voters to Receive Ballots This Week

Written by: Nate Smith-Manley
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